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April Fools!

April Fools Fool!By: Stuart Hoover Pranks are our favorite way of staying young and sane. Without a harmless prank every now and then, we would likely go crazy and ruin each other’s lives. So naturally our favorite holiday is the one dedicated to making these pranks a celebrated culture. Here are some of our favorite…Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day in Chico Done Right

Valentine’s Day in Chico Done Right Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love, happiness, and scrambling to figure out what you really want to do for the evening. Don’t worry; the love-struck people here at Power 102.1 have your back. We have composed a unique list of our favorite romantic ventures in and around town…Continue Reading

The Most Destructive Fires in California History

 (Photos via Youtube, ABC News)              No one wants to hear that their home has been destroyed by a fire, or even worse when you learn that your whole town, the town that you grew up in or have lived in for most of your life, has been wiped out…Continue Reading

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nor-Cal on a Budget

Top 10 Places to Visit in Nor-Cal on a Budget

Traveling can take a bite out of people’s wallets, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. Traveling with loved ones, or even alone doesn’t have to be a hassle anymore, it can actually be fun! Here at Power 102.1, we strive to make our listeners happy. We want to help you become less stressed…Continue Reading

Rapper Mac Miller, Dead at 26

Rapper, Mac Miller died Friday of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26. Officials said that Miller was found in his bedroom around noon at his home in San Fernando Valley. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Authorities were made aware of the situation from a male friend of Miller who called…Continue Reading

Chico’s Lost World: Fun World

Chico’s Lost World: Fun World

After last night’s “Question of the night”, many of you mentioned the need for a water park of some sorts, especially during the summer heat waves.  After scrolling through the comments a little deeper I realized quite a bit of chatter about a former water park Chico had back in the day.  I became curious…Continue Reading

Bet You Can’t Name These Places in Chico!

Bet You Can’t Name These Places in Chico!

If you lived in Chico then you know there are some areas that highlight this little town. If you are a true Chicoan then by all means name these five locations in the comments section below! Good luck and may the best Chicoan WIN!! 1. If you are ever feeling sick and need an ambulance…Continue Reading

5 Great Things About Chico State

For those either transferring from a two year college, or coming in just out of high school, there are a lot of options to consider for a university.     So why not give Chico State a look? Here are 5 Great Things About Chico State 1. Its affordability: While college costs in general are rather steep,…Continue Reading

(Some of) Chico’s Most Underrated Restaurants

Driving through Downtown Chico and the surrounding areas, it seems as though every other building is a restaurant of some sort. We are lucky enough to have such a wide variety of amazing food selections at our disposal. Places like Madison Bear Garden, Mom’s, Crush and Tres Hombres are some of the town’s most popular…Continue Reading

Demi Lovato hospitalized after suspected heroin overdose [Updates]

  On Tuesday, July 24 at 11:37 a.m. LAPD revived a call about a possible heroin overdose at Demi Lovato’s Hollywood home. According to TMZ’s audio dispatch recording, Lovato, 25, was unconscious when paramedics arrived. She is now in stable condition. After arriving at the hospital she was given Narcan, which is used during narcotic…Continue Reading