We are very excited for our Zombie Silent Disco on Halloween night over here at Power 102.1, and to prove it we are going to help you figure what kind of zombie you are! There are have been a lot of different variations of zombies portrayed  in movies and television over the years. From The Walking Dead to Warm Bodies, Power 102.1 is ready to categorize you into your zombie class with this quiz!

Keep track of your answers so we can give you your results!

  1. What body part would you feast on first?
    1. Braaaiiinnnnssss
    2. My lover’s heart
    3. Whatever I can get my teeth on
    4. I just wanna dance!
  1. Pick a zombie movie
    1. Night of the Living Dead
    2. Warm Bodies
    3. Zombieland
    4. Dance of the Dead
  1. If you were a zombie, you would
    1. Eat brains
    2. Become human again
    3. Run around with my zombie friends
    4. Dance the night away
  1. Who’s in your zombie posse?
    1. I’m a lone wolf
    2. My lover
    3. Anyone in the general area
    4. My best friends
  1. Pick a song
    1. Bad Guy – Billie Eilish
    2. Lover – Taylor Swift
    3. Truth Hurts – Lizzo
    4. Can’t Stop The Feeling! – Justin Timberlake
  1. What are you doing on Halloween?
    1. Handing out candy alone
    2. Taking my crush to the Zombie Silent Disco
    3. Following the crowd to the Zombie Silent Disco
    4. Grabbing my best friends and going to Power 102.1’s Zombie Silent Disco!



You are a Generic Zombie, also known as the Romero Zombie

Named after George A. Romero’s zombies that he popularized in films like Night of the Living Dead, these are the zombie creatures we are most familiar with in pop culture. They move at a glacial pace, love to feast on brains, and they spread their disease by biting others.


You are a Romantic Zombie

This is the kind of zombies we find the in movie Warm Bodies. If you’re a romantic zombie than you would rather spend your day with your loved one than feasting on brains or traveling with the pack. The Romantics are just looking for someone to help keep them warm through the long dark zombie nights.


You are a Runner Zombie

You are a force to be reckoned with! You share a lot of the same traits as the Generic Zombie, expect you like to move FAST! We see these kinds of zombies in World War Z or Zombieland. Runner Zombie’s swarm in packs with other zombies and can outrun any prey (human) they set their sights on. You don’t want to find yourself being chased by a Runner Zombie, they never tie and their appetite’s are insatiable.


You are a POWER 102.1 Zombie

The coolest zombie of them all, the Power 102.1 Zombie just wants to listen to today’s top hits and dance the night away with their friends. You can find these zombies on Halloween night at the El Rey Theater in Chico for our Zombie Silent Disco!


Power 102.1’s Zombie Silent Disco welcomes all types of zombies, goblins, and ghouls and we can’t wait to see you Halloween night! Get decked out in your Halloween best for a chance to win CASH PRIZES!

We will be giving away $1,500:

Scariest Costume – $500

Sexiest Costume – $500

Best Couple Costume – $500

We can’t wait to dance the night away with you!