Mac Miller

Rapper, Mac Miller died Friday of an apparent drug overdose at the age of 26.

Officials said that Miller was found in his bedroom around noon at his home in San Fernando Valley. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Authorities were made aware of the situation from a male friend of Miller who called 911 after he was found in his room unresponsive. First responders received a call regarding a potential cardiac arrest.

Miller has struggled with substance abuse in the past years. Rumors started to spread that his drug abuse started up again after his breakup with singer Ariana Grande. In May, the rapper wrecked his G-Wagon while driving under the influence. After fleeing the scene he confessed to the wreck and blew over two times the legal limit, and was later arrested for DUI.

According to TMZ Miller’s substance abuse was a “deal breaker” for Grande during the past two years of their relationship.  Sources close to Miller state that he didn’t want to speak of the breakup because of its sensitive subject.

Miller’s death happened just a month after his release of his album “Swimming”. In the album Miller discusses his problems with substance abuse, and the struggles he’s had regarding drugs and addiction.

A quote from his song “What’s the Use?” reads, “Never superficial you don’t know it when it hit you, Get a little sentimental when I’m off the juice”, making his problem with drugs and alcohol public.