If you lived in Chico then you know there are some areas that highlight this little town. If you are a true Chicoan then by all means name these five locations in the comments section below! Good luck and may the best Chicoan WIN!!

1. If you are ever feeling sick and need an ambulance ride then you will most likely come here.

2. No one the age of 12 or older is allowed.

3. This place is known as the “Pool of Chico”.

4. This place is where creativity meets no limit.

5. This place is where you obtain a new furry companion!

Did you get all five right? If you did then give yourself a high five or a pat in the back, if not then look below for the answers and EXPLORE CHICO for goodness sake!! There are so many elements to this town that you have to see!





Enloe Medical Hospital, Caper Acres, One Mile, Madison Bear Garden, Butte Humane Society.