For those either transferring from a two year college, or coming in just out of high school, there are a lot of options to consider for a university.     So why not give Chico State a look?

Here are 5 Great Things About Chico State

1. Its affordability: While college costs in general are rather steep, Chico State scores very high in terms of bang for buck. CSU Chico comes in at around four thousand dollars a semester in tuition costs while the national average is over twice that. Nearby colleges such as CSU Sacramento and UC Davis are also more expensive-with UC Davis being roughly twice the cost of CSU Chico.

2. Its MBA program: Did you know that the CSU Chico Business Administration program is considered one of the best? Lauded for both its quality, graduate success rate and affordability, the MBA program at CSU Chico had made high rankings in both TFE Times and Money.

An eco-friendly campus: CSU Chico prides itself on being environmentally friendly, even making Princeton’s prestigious “Green Honor Roll”. Most recently, the campus has gone plastic straw free, replacing the plastic with more sustainable, biodegradable wooden straws.

4. Its study abroad program: Who hasn’t dreamed of going to another country? CSU Chico’s study abroad program stands as the second best in the entire country. Hundreds of students across all majors of study go abroad every year. Some examples include International Marketing classes in Milan, Engineering courses in Germany, and Communications Studies in the United Kingdom. Programs range from a quick summer- to an entire formal semester. If you’ve ever wanted to get classes done while also experiencing a new culture, the study abroad program is worth checking out.

5.  The WREC Center: The Chico State Recreation Center has a lot to offer its students,(And is included in the cost of tuition).  Classes range from Yoga to Mixed Martial Arts, and of course spin classes are offered almost every day.  Its got climbing walls for all your cliffhanger needs as well as a massive pool and spa.  The WREC Center is a great place to have fun, get fit, or just enjoy a little bit of exercise.


As you take that path towards a four year degree, keep CSU Chico in mind.