Do you ever struggle with finding the perfect areas to take your trendy selfies? I know I have!!!

You walk throughout this little town and notice key elements that make for a great photo background. But everyone is using the same spots. So how do YOU STAND OUT FROM THE REST! Here are some places that will highlight those dull pictures!

1. Chico Hands Sculpture

Artist: Donna Billick

This beautiful piece of art can be seen when walking down on 411 Main Street towards the Boys and Girls Club. These giant hands bring a new sense of light into your photos when remembering that Chico cares for you.

2. Lulu’s LOVE Mural

Artist: Jed Speer (aka Seizer-One)

This mural can be seen on the corner of Park Ave. and Main Street. It is impossible to miss this giant, gorgeous, and creative doubled wall artwork. If you haven’t already took a picture there then by all means go now it is a must-have on your page if you live here!!!

3. Honey Run Bridge

Artist:  American Bridge and Building Company of San Francisco

There are bridges in various sizes at Chico State but they are overused. This bridge can be easily accessible when getting on the Honey Run Road. There is free parking and when you see it you will be engulfed in all its vintage appeal. Perfect place for those desirable and romantic couple photos or if you’re single then it’s perfect in capturing that elegance in your other photos.

4. Downtown Water Fountain

This fountain is in the heart of downtown Chico! Depending on the time you go can mean whether or not tons of kids will be running through there. Go on a random Tuesday at 4pm to have your photo session there, but keep in mind there will be possible critics.

5. Caper Acres

Credited: Quirky Berkeley

This is a kid’s playground dream! It has enhanced structures that make for really trippy and fun Insta photos. If you haven’t been here and taken a photo by the old warped house then what are you waiting for!!!

6. Orchards

Instead of using the same rose garden in Chico State as everyone else does, go for the more scenic route, and take a drive. If you gone in or out of Chico then you know there are tons of orchards all around this cute little town. PICK ONE! They are so magnificent and make the most of a photo. There is one area that I stumbled on with tons of sunflowers. It was a beautiful day and the flowers were blooming!! You can find this area on Dayton Road and relish in the scenery as you get there.

There you have the top places for amazing Instagram pictures!! There are so many areas that go unnoticed when thinking of image backgrounds!! Now that I showed you some of my favorite places, go out there and WOW THE CROWD!!