It can be difficult being a dog owner at times. We want to take our pets with us when we go out, and it can be hard to find a place outside of the home where the doggo and you can go. Here is a list of six places you can take your furiend.

1. Located on 199 Leora Ct, DeGarmo Dog Park is a dog park within a park, and a solid place to take a doggo. One thing to keep in mind is that upon entering the dog park park area, dogs are off the leash.  Small dogs, more often than not, will end up interacting with bigger ones as there are no separate play areas for the small canines. It’s a lovely location and can be a good place to get your pupper socialized as long as you’re aware of the varying sizes of dogs nearby.

2.  Bidwell park is just a good a place to shoot a movie as it is to take your schnauzer or spaniel(Or in my case a corgi). If you like to run with your dog, you can trek with them off the leash along the north side of the upper park. If you’d like just a nice walk with your four-legged friend, you can leash em up and take it at your own pace in the lower park-where the air from a breeze cooly washes off of the nearby creek.

3.  Bidwell Bark. I know, we just mentioned Bidwell, but this is a special once a year event. It’s a family and dog friendly event. Join 2k and 5k races with hundreds of other dog lovers or donate a little something to the Butte Humane Society who are raising money for animals in need. Think your pup makes an astoundingly good batman? Enter the dog costume contest. Pet not a big fan of capes or hats? There is also a contest for dog tricks, and did we mention that there are prizes for the winner? Though it only occurs once a year, it’s a fun, worthwhile event.

4.  Out of towner and need a dog friendly hotel to lodge with your pup? The Heritage Inn Express allows up to four dogs of any size (for an added fee of $30 per pet), to room with you while your resting from that wonderful bidwell excursion with your doggo.

5.  If you operate on a bit of a higher budget, you can also take your pup to Oxford Suites. Located at 2035 Business Ln.  You can book a pet friendly room and enjoy a great buffet breakfast then take your dog on a walk where he can partake in the sight of many mischievous squirrels jumping between the lush trees.

6.  Out and about with your dog and want to get a bite to eat? Tea Bar & Fusion Cafe is a dog friendly, casual venue on 250 Vallombrosa Ave. Besides the variety of teas, you can order some delicious wraps and your fuzzy buddy can join you at one of the outdoor tables.

Chico maybe a small city, but its got a fair bit to offer our four legged companions.