Drunk Chico Students
Credit: Shutterstock

If you come to Chico there are tons of nice locals, great swimming spots, beautiful walking trails that lead you throughout the giant Bidwell park, and of course college students. Now as a current college student myself, I am not trying to say every single one of us are trash, but some take the gold as the worst in town. Keep an eye out for them!

1. The Walking Dead

If you ever gone out to Riley’s or the Bear then you must know the type of deals these places put on drinks to encourage crowds. It’s all fun and games until you have to do the walk of shame to go home. There are two kinds of people who walk home, one is the few drinks and embracing life type, and then there is the belligerent drunks who are hunched over and trying to make it. These people are called the WALKING DEAD!!! They answer to no one and will attack when provoked. You should keep an eye out for them since they are likely to walk into poles, bushes, and/or oncoming traffic.

2. The Ship Wrecks

Beautiful morning! The breeze feels cool and inviting on your face and body as you wake up, hungover from the night before, and you realize you’re outside. OH NO!!! It is surprising how common students will sleep in random areas all throughout town. When I worked in the hospital there was an ER Room named “The Nursery” filled with students who were swept up from porches, bushes, lawns, bridges, backyards, etc. We are calling them the SHIP WRECKS! They will move along their night until they come to an end and collapse in random areas.

3. The Naked Mile Volunteers

The winter season is freezing and wet but the party must continue! As you drive to the bars you look out and see people in barely anything on. What is going on in the world? I am not just talking about women but men as well, in shorts, like the summer never stopped. We call these students the NAKED MILE VOLUNTEERS!! Where ever you go there will be butts, breasts, and everything else in between showing.

4. The Angry Trolls

You ever sit in a bar and drink your over-priced beer when someone bumps you. Looking over you see two people in full fist-throwing mode. This section is for those trolling the streets and upsetting everyone they can. We will call these turds the ANGRY TROLLS!! Have you fell victim to a group of friends where one pal starts trolling right before your eyes? I sure have! What do we do with them? Close their mouths and leave them home because your night will be ruined. Trust me!

5. The Bane Descendants

Do you find yourself getting lost at times because some jerk came and took all the street signs? Is it so hard to have a memento from Chico without causing destruction? The amount of times these signs go missing is surprisingly often. I would walk into houses and see street signs as home decorations. Keep watch for these students, they will prowl through the streets at night and run up poles and/or set a few mattresses on fire!! If only someone can introduce a DIY video on how to create those street signs so they can rest easy knowing they aren’t destroying this lovely little town!!!!

There you have the top 5 worst college students that ever came to the city of Chico. If you know anyone who is one or more of these categories please sit them down and remind them to act like a decent human being. If they aren’t sure on how to be one, then by all means show them. Thank you for reading this and if you have any comments or funny drunk stories please comment down below!!!